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NetCity Mall™ is an online community of writers, small businesses, corporations and nonprofit organizations. We are dedicated to providing access to meaningful information on a wide variety of topics, as well as a unique shopping portal. It is our belief that browsing, buying, learning and entertainment are all part of a true mall experience. We provide support for small, unique suppliers as well as good causes because we believe in community and building a strong and vibrant society.

Organized around Special Areas such as the Jewelry Shoppe, Food Shrewd, and the Pet Palace, the Mall offers in-depth information and hundreds of resource links to some of the best and most authoritative information we could find on dozens of topics to help you live your life a little better.

In addition we provide the Net Avenue Library, just brimming with knowledge, news and current events. The Fun House is full of dynamic and mind challenging games for your enjoyment whenever you need a break from the grueling task of shopping. So, like a real mall, hopefully NetCity Mall will keep you coming back because of convenience, variety, and great buys from great businesses.