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Paid Advertising
As a publisher, NetCity Mall™ handles its paid image advertising though, and Google Affiliate Network, trusted third party companies that handle PPC tracking, billing and affiliate ad placement.

To quote, "For over a decade LinkShare has been the partner of choice by some of the best known brands in the world as well as smaller and emerging companies. When you choose LinkShare you tap into deep online marketing knowledge and experience combined with unique and patented technologies that help turn traffic into sales." Go here for more information.

Google Affiliate Network started with the acquisition of DoubleClick Performics in 2008. Performics was founded in 1998 as the first full-service affiliate network. Find out more here.

To place ads with us, please sign up with them and contact us through them.

Word ads are provided to us through Google AdWords.

All Ads on our site run in four basic ways:

  • Rotating throughout the entire site on all general pages at the top and in the side bars.
  • Rotating in targeted Special Areas informational pages at the bottoms or throughout the text. For example, auto insurance ads would run in "Autos & Cycles."
  • Non-rotating in the second level Ads pages arranged by special areas. For example, the auto insurance ad would always be visible in the Autos & Cycles Ads page.
  • Sales and seasonal ads are also placed as non-rotating in this collection.
We feel this offers a powerful set of exposures to you, allowig not only random placement no matter where the viewer is as well as targeting shoppers searching for specific items or sales.

Special Advertising
Because we feel strongly about world community growth and service, as well as promoting small businesses, we offer special ad space for worthy parties. These ads are inserted by us directly and do not go through LinkShare or Google.

Public Service Ads
We accept image ads for general rotation from well established non-profit organizations on a discretionary basis. Please contact us here.

Small Businesses
If you are a small operation of 500 or fewer employees, an artisan or cratsperson with a unique product, you may qualify for free limited ad placement. You must presently have an operational website, with ads ready in our size categories that we can link to. Please contact us here.

Ad Formats and Requirements

We accept these standard image ad sizes. We do not run pop-up, or pop-under ads. We reserve the right to review and reject ads for inappropriate content, slow loading, or script conflicts with our site. We do not host ads, so ads must be able to be linked to by us.

Because of the number of ads on our pages, we prefer to use a minimum of dynamic or animated ads, because the overall effect of a page full of moving elements is a little overpowering.

We accept jpg, gif, swf, and png file types.

Flash should not be the latest version, or require visitors to download or upgrade to the latest viewer version to see it or have it work correctly.

Full Banner 468 x 60
Half Banner 234 x 60
Leaderboard 728 x 90
Micro Bar 88 x 31
Button 1 120 x 90
Button 2 120 x 60
Square Button 125 x 125
Vertical Banner 120 x 240
Rectangle 180 x 150
Medium Rectangle 300 x 250
Large Rectangle 336 x 280
Vertical Rectangle 240 x 400
Square 250 x 250
Skyscraper 120 x 600
Wide Skyscraper 160 x 600