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Coupons Clip Cost
by Dwight Bennett

Since 1894, when the druggist Asa Candler gave out handwritten promotions for his new fountain beverage, Coca-Cola, North America has had an ongoing love relationship with the mighty coupon. When times got rough in the Great Depression, coupons helped households somehow pull through. Today the mighty coupon is again front and center, not only because people see a need for being thrifty, but because the very nature of the coupon is changing due to the digital age.

How much can you save? How effective are they really? That depends on what you shop for and how determined and organized you are. People like Jill Cataldo (aka the Chicago Coupon Queen) save thousands a year and reduce weekly grocery bills from $200 a week to $50, not to mention scoring totally free merchandise. Go here for a video interview with this innovative lady about how she does it.

There are dozens of sites on the internet that provide coupons, blogs and lists of good information on how to take advantage of printed and electronic coupons. See the resource list at the bottom for some of the most popular. In addition, YouTube provides a collection of helpful videos on the topic.

Different sites offer different services and types of coupons, some specializing more in clothing and general items, some specializing in groceries. Most sites offer coupons for free, a few require a small fee. Many offer some of the same coupons, or the coupons may be out of date, so carefull shopping is called for. Some sites may require a special software to print the coupons, such as the Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader. Browse the various sites to find ones that suite your needs and is easy for you to navigate.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Check the local papers and circulars for printed coupons.
  • Go online and search for local store names + coupons. You'll find many of them will have sites with coupons or sales listed. Two-for-one sales are a common find and the savings can add up very quickly.
  • Prepare for your shopping trips by listing items on sale at a particular store. For example, you might visit the site for your local grocery and find what specials are being offered so you know what to look for.
  • Go online and check your favorite brands + coupons.
  • Organize your coupons using some kind of pouch or carrier with compartments that's easy to use.
  • Set aside a particular time every week to spend thirty minutes searching for coupons and free products to establish a habit for yourself that will earn you money.
  • To help control and organize email promotions and spam, create a seperate email account to use for signing up for lists and services. That way it doesn't clutter up your personal email account and can easily be mass deleted if wanted, or closed.
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YouTube - list of videos
Adobe Acrobat -- free PDF Reader

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updated 5/25/09