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  by Dwight Bennett
Mounting with Foam Core
Quick, easy and economical wall art
Sometimes you want to hang something on a home or office wall with a minimum of fuss, expense and bother. It might be a favorite photo or poster that you want up, but you don't want to have to frame. Foam core mounting may be just the solution. Usually available at local office supply stores, Walmart or even some supermarkets, foam core comes in a variety of colors and sizes. It is also available in a sticky-back version.

Tools you will need are a good ruler, such as a stainless steel or metal variety, and a sharp mat knife or x-acto. Watch those fingers.

First, cut a piece of foam core about the same size but slightly larger than the artwork. You do this so that positioning is not so critical. It's hard to get a 5x7 print to fit exactly on a sticky 5x7 board without mistakes. If you are using the sticky-back foam core, peel the backing off. If you are not using the sticky-back, place the foam core on a newspaper and spray one side with an aerosol adhesive (also available at office supply stores or craft stores). Place the artwork face down to get it flat, then carefully lower the foam core down onto the artwork. This keeps wrinkles and creases from happening. Press the foam core down, then turn over. Take a soft cloth and lightly burnish the artwork down on the foam core to assure there are no bubbles and that it is firmly attached. Then carefully trim the extra foam core off around the edges.

For mounting purposes, cut two identical strips of foam core and attach them on the back to create a hanging edge. Stagger the pieces slightly to create a ledge to catch the head of the nail or whatever is used for hanging it on the wall. The advantage of the hanging bar is that it is easy to position the art on the wall and straighten. Because foam core is so light, something as simple as a pushpin can be used to support it on a wall. Commercial foam core hangers are also available that simply push into the back of the art for use with nails.


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