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  by Dwight Bennett

Chocolate Strawberry Celebration

Two of the world's favorites together, now that's hard to beat. You can make this project simple or complicated, with just the basics or artistically challenging; either way the results are sure to be tasty.


  • Medium sized strawberries - two-bite size is great. These should have the leaves intact, or even with short stems to hold during dipping.
  • Shortening, butter or vegetable oil.
  • Semi-sweet chocolate. People use all kinds - chips, bars, baking squares, dark to white.
  • Toothpicks to help with dipping.
  • Optional coatings - coconut, chopped nuts, nonpariels (candy dots) or sprinkles


  • Thoroughly wash the strawberries, then dry. Moisture will interfere with the chocolate coating.
  • Melt the chocolate. For best results use a double boiler, however it can be done in microwave safe dishes. if a microwave is used, melt it in 15 second increments, checking it carefully until the chocolate is melted but not burned. Microwaving tends to not work as well with white baker's chocolate.
  • As the chocolate melts, mix it until it is smooth. If it is lumpy, add a little shortening, butter or vegetable oil to smooth it out.
  • Insert toothpicks into the tops of the strawberries to make it easy to dip them.
  • Fancier treats can be made by also dipping them in coatings like candy dots.
  • After dipping, place the strawberries on wax paper to harden or the toothpicks can be stuck into styrofoam. Placing them in a refrigerature helps them set more quickly.
  • Serve within 24 hours.


In addition to just just adding different coatings you can get very artistic and let your creative juices really flow. Drizzling a contrasting chocolate, like in the photo at the top is a good technique. Making designs, like tuxedos and wedding gowns is also a common practice. Your can also use holiday themes like halloween or Christmas. Watch the video below for a good demonstration of how to pull off the wedding theme.

Dorm Room Special

Need quick and dirty, nothing fancy, immediate gratification, can't-boil-water-without-a-manual technique. A bowl of washed strawberries and a small bowl of choclate syrup. Dip and eat.


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