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For those of you whose Italian is a little rusty, here are some rough translations. In the upper left hand corner:
"Gioca" - Play
"Giacca o Tailleur" - pick a player ("Giocatore")(click on it to get a man or woman)
"Dillo ad un amico" - email a friend (doesn't work).

Pick a player (upper left hand corner). Use the mouse to point. Left click to throw. Aim for the heads as they stand up. Watch out for the Boss. There are 3 levels of difficulty. Win and you get to be the new official Boss. This is a career maker. Boy, do the Italians know how to do it.

"Licenziato!" - Fired!
"I risultati di una dura giornata di lavoro" - It turns out you had a hard day on the job.
"Cerca di essere piu' veloce pi' precisa, altrimenti scordati la carriera!!" - You have to be fast and precise, otherwise forget the career!
"Nel lavoro sai individuare e centrare i target" - In the job you know to pick and to center the target.
"Promosso a responsable di settore" - Promoted to responsible (good) in your field.
"Palline lanciate" - little balls thrown
"Palline a segno" - little balls that hit
"Presisione di tiro" - precision of shooting
"I tuoi bersagli preferiti" - your preferred targets, or targets you hit