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THE HALLOWEEN FUNHOUSE                        
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Certain special holidays bring the "kid" out in all of us. We all like a party and there's no bigger party than Halloween. With its roots in ancient Celtic and Christian traditions, it's become associated with costumes, food, trick-or-treating, pumpkin carving and celebrating over the centuries in many countries, especially the US. Many of the things associated with Halloween, like pumpkins, costume parties, magic, special makeup, and spooky stories are always a hit year round.

Great Links & Resources

Pumpkin Carving & Decoration

Costumes & Masks
Since the dawn of human existance we've been dressing up
and hiding behind masks. Halloween gives us a darn good excuse.

Costume SuperCenter has a huge selection of Plus-Size costumes!

Costumes and Masks
Pets & Mascots
Young Children
Props & Decorations

Activities & Crafts

Smoke and FogSmoke
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Makeup Videos
Avatar Makeup
Zelda Fairy    Zelda Fairy by iwanted2c1video
Barbie    Barbie Transformation by Michelle Phan
Leopard    Leopard Mask Makeup Tutorial by Petrilude
   Cheetah Butterfly | Three Faces In One by Michiganfacepainterz
   Tropical Island Princess Face by Michiganfacepainterz
   Low Budget Zombie Make-Up by shaunrobertsmith78
   Vampire by MissChievous
   Sexy Witch by MissChievous
   Pantomime Mask by MissChievous
   Forest Fairy Sprite Wood Nymph by MissChievous
Makeup    Halloween Makeup Ideas - Hundreds of Images

Movies & Songs
Songs for kids

 Five Little Pumpkins Song (Video, lyrics, activities)

 Mouse in Haunted in House Mini Monsters Club (funny hip hop)

 "This is Halloween" - Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas" Trailer
        Buy "The Nightmare Before Christmas", new or used >>

 "This is Halloween - Simpson Style" Clip

 Top 50 Scariest Movies of All Time

 Top 20 Zombie Movies of All Time

 Seven Funniest Horror Movies

 The 15 Best Vampire Movies of All Time

New & Used Movies --
Ghosts | Halloween | Haunted | Horror | Vampires | Witches | Zombies

Zazzle Holiday Gifts

Food, Drink & Recipes

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Free Spooky Games
Creepy Crossword
A fun twist on the ageless crossword. Ooo, neat sounds.
HallowsEve All Hallow's Eve
Kill scary zombies. Earn points, buy different guns.
Kaboom - The angry wizard tosses bombs. Keep them from hitting the ground. Sorcerer's Apprentice
Help the French girl change the Prince back from being a frog.
Halloween Pumkin Hit - Send the pumpkin as far as you can. De-Animator
Shoot the creepy zombies before they get to you.
Mind Reading Game

Pet and Mascot Costumes at Costume SuperCenter